Storm Wines

Storm Wines


South African by birth, Ernst Storm cut his teeth in the cooler wine growing climtes of the Western Cape.  As the wine maker for Curtis Winery he searched for the perfect vineyards and terroir to create his own wines.  Rooted in the hills of Santa Barbara County, Storm Wines emphasizes old world influences and new world techniques. The Mediterranean climate, diverse soils, and exciting new opportunities in this budding Central Coast wine region have combined to drive Ernst’s passion for producing his wine.

 basket press at storm

Ernst is passionate about how and where the grapes he uses are grown. As such he works with all sustainably farmed vineyards and is very much involved with growing and picking.  As he once said to me, “Farming a vineyard organically doesn’t necessarily mean it’s being farmed correctly.”  While he guides the grapes in the wine-making process he strives to remain as hands off as possible and rarely fines or filters and doesn’t overly manipulate his wines.


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