Terrisson Wines

a graphic of a man and woman enjoying a glass of wine, with a bright orange background

Since 2002, Terrisson Wines has been providing authenticity, pleasure, and value to the North American market (United States, Canada, Cayman, Mexico). Founded by Delphine & Laurent Terrisson, the company exports hidden gems often only enjoyed by the locals in France.

The Terrisson Wines team is a group of professionals specifically adapted to the North American market-based in France and the United States. It comprises of individuals attentive to the needs of working in a three-tier system and capable of bridging gaps to bring wines and spirits from France to consumers. The Nimes, France office supports producers in their steps to export and the clients in their way to import their wines and spirits. This includes sales administration, marketing, press relations, and sales analysis. Our New York office includes a sales team providing sales and marketing support, tastings, market insights, work with, and samples. It also monitors and supports New Jersey wine stock.


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