Juveniles Wine Bar



During our time travelling we discovered and “fell in love” with Juveniles Wine Bar and owner Tim Johnston (and Stephanie, Margot and Caroline!), spending more time there with Tim than anywhere else in Paris, or in all of France for that matter.


While Juveniles is listed in most of the guide books on Paris, what’s not always noted is the joyous atmosphere shared by the clientele who frequent the establishment to savor great quality wine from regions both in and out of France. The laughter and warmth of Juveniles is a direct result of Tim’s larger-than-life personality, often described as boyishly charming, unabashedly outspoken and devilishly funny.
Tim and Marcel

Every time we go to Juves we drink wine that we go home talking about and make friends that we enjoy spending time with and look forward to seeing the next time we’re in Paris.

Say hello to our friends at Juveniles.