Alpha Loire


A husband and wife team with a passion for wine and a respect for nature, Philippe and Fabienne have come together to create the Alpha Loire Domaines.  Working with both growers and with carefully selected purchased estates, they use two wineries at either end of the Loire to make their wines.


Alpha is also the brightest star in the southern constellation of Centaurus, which is something the winemakers are connected to.  Their strategy is based on sustainable development and the influence of the stars on the vineyards. Working in harmony and with respect for the nature, they are committed to sharing information about the enjoyment of food and wines in a lifestyle of moderation and responsibility. Recently established as producer of some of the best Estates along the Loire Valley, they are also able to offer a complete range of Loire Wines and take full advantage of the experience of its winemaking team and of the selection of rich diversity of soils and climates. The concept of the wines are based on the values of friendship, elegance, experience, passion, authenticity and honor, combined with their own personal values of loyalty, respect, courage, and enthusiasm. They aim to be a conscious wine producer committed to producing high quality & enjoyable wines!