Cantine San Matteo


Grandpa Tumlin told that in 1948, when planting the first vineyard, he felt a strong emotional bond and possession towards his own land, together with the pride to be able to continue the tradition of his ancestors whose roots date back until 1837. A precious heritage of ancient wisdom, that Tumlìn handed down to our parents, to us, and even to our children.

He taught us to listen to the seasons while watching the shoots, the vine leaves and grapes, almost caressing them along their growth.

He gave us the typical perseverance of a peasant who can patiently wait Nature’s reward for his efforts. This is the heritage of grandpa Tumlin.

Ours is the story of a family and an alliance between old and new generations, which now makes it possible to renew the past by accepting the innovations of the future.

Thanks to these strong roots in our land and in our history, the wines made by Cantine San Matteo today are “bottled experiences” that are meant as a gift to the world.