David Bautin – Clairette de Die

In 2010 we were wandering the many halls of Vini-sud in Montpellier tasting through hundreds of wines looking for things that were the right fit for our portfolio.  It was the end of the day, our feet were tired, our teeth purple, and our vision blurry.  As we stumbled through the doors of one of the buildings David Bautin greeted us, “Vous avez besoin de ces,” and handed us each a glass of his Methode Ancestrale Clairette de Die.

He was right.  A glass of his Clairette de Die put a smile on our faces and made the world right.  You’d have to be dead not to enjoy it.

David is the 3rd generation of farmers/wine makers at the foot of the mountains in the Drome.  He practices traditional techniques in the vineyards and in the winery and his Brut and “ancestrale” (think amazing Moscato and you’re almost close) are equally delightful…


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