Va Piano Vineyards and Bruno’s Cabernet

Va Piano And Bruno’s Cabernet

Chi va piano, va sano e va lontano. He who goes slowly, goes safely and goes far. This old Italian saying sums up Va Piano Vineyards’ approach to winemaking, and to life.  Va Piano Vineyards is inspired by Tuscany, but the wine is quintessential Walla Walla.

Va Piano Estate Vineyard.
Va Piano Estate Vineyard.

Justin Wylie has a very simple winemaking philosophy: grow the best grapes he can and don’t screw it up in the cellar. Va Piano wines display intense flavors, fine tannin structure and intense aromas.

Justin strive for balance in everything, and that’s truly his approach to winemaking. The majority of grapes used are estate grown, but he continues to source grapes from across the region from carefully chosen vineyards. Justin seeks out fruit from different soil profiles create more complex wines and looks for specific characteristics to compliment the flavor profile he is striving to achieve for each wine.


Va Piano Vineyards closely follows guidelines from Vinea, the winegrowers sustainable trust, which provides guidance for environmental, social and economic sustainability. This holistic approach employs environmentally-friendly and socially responsible viticulture practices that respects the land, conserves natural resources and supports biodiversity. Vinea also promotes responsible relationships with workers, neighbors and the community. By farming responsibly, we will ensure that Va Piano Vineyards will continue to be a premium vineyard for generations.

Bruno’s Cabernet is blended by Justin to be a great, crowd pleasing entry into premium Washington wine.  At the end of every vintage, Justin donates a portion of the profits to several charities.

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