Domaine Changarnier


At an altitude of 365 metres, Monthelie overlooks the Auxey-Duresses and Meursault valleys. The Changarnier family has lived in this village for several centuries, founding the domaine in 1720. Now, Claude and Antoine Changarnier continue this wine-growing tradition. Their professional careers carried them far from the wine world, but their Burgundy roots remain anchored in this terroir.

The Domaine’s philosophy is based on respecting the terroirs so as to bring out each wine’s distinctive qualities. The technical processes favour a minimum of inputs. Each operation is the result of careful consideration with the utmost respect for the environment.

This begins with the vine. Soil tillage is generalised to stimulate the active life of the soil. Organic products are added when necessary to help control the vigour of the vine. Using environmentally-friendly pest control methods means vineyards have to be checked daily. Each vine is an individual living being that is also part of a community.