Domaine L’Abbe Dine


The Reynaud family is installed on its lands since 5 generations at least. The know-how and the knowledge of the work of the ground were passed on from father to son and today from father to girl. Passer-by of the work with the mule in the mechanization in 1985.
Indeed, for the conduct of the vineyard, one enherbe completely certain plots of land to avoid the erosion and limit the vigour. We weed mechanically as much as possible with interstocks hydraulics to respect the nature of the ground.

A characteristic passed on since generations: hitch the former raveuse on horseback to work the young people plantiers. We work in reasoned culture, with former and healthy methods, while bringing a stalk of modernity, as sexual confusion.

Worried about the nature, about its heritage, the domain will open you its doors with pleasure around a glass of wine.